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Juntos caminando hacia el buen vivir

Alternative Therapies

  • Promote the use of essential and natural medicines through capacity building, awareness and advocacy.
  • Follow-up to the Community network of essential drugs
  • Impulse the Model of indigenous Maya medicine (MOMIM)
  • Rescue, claim and boost the indigenous, traditional medicine therapist role.
  • Planting, production, handicraft processing and distribution of medicines based on medicinal plants.
  • Promotion of alternative medicine (acupuncture, acupressure, iridology, pleasant medicine and other)
  • Coordination and relationship networks for advocacy and strengthening of networks for incidence in public policies
¿Qué hacemos?

. Youth

  • Promotion of youth commission
  • Implementation of youth policy
  • Technical and policy training for youth and adolescents in sexual and reproductive rights
  • HIV.
  • Promote awareness actions reaching: teachers / as, justice, health personnel, vulnerable and technical equipment.
  • Gender equity and Health

    • Institutional Promotion of Gender Policy
    • Education and training for women
    • Promote the search for resources for scholarships.
    • Comprehensive health care with emphasis in women
    • Promotion of productive projects with women and economic alternatives
    • Promotion and development of sexual and reproductive rights.
    • HIV and AIDS.
    • Participation and strengthening of networks for policy influence
    • Research
Midwives, health promoters.

In midwives

  • Exchange of experiences
  • Training
  • Support in case of reference and counter-reference
  • Rescue ancestral practices
  • Literacy
  • Support in assertion of rights
  • Support for the organization
  • Coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MOH) at different levels
  • Advice and support in community work

    Health promoters

    • Review and update curriculum of study
    • Streamlining of popular education methodology
    • Basic courses for new promoters
    • Training for levels.
    • Track graduates / as
    • Meetings
    • Support scholarships
    • Support for the organization
    • Support in assertion of rights

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