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We are an association integrated by community organizations that promote comprehensive health, gender equity and cultural relevance in excluded populations through processes of education, training, support, advice and advocacy for the right to health and life.

Being a network of organizations with leadership walking towards the Good Living (El Buen Vivir)  (Utz K’aslemal)

The paradigm of the "Good Living" is based on the worldview of indigenous peoples, is        the fullness of life in harmony, respect and balance between humanity and the cycles of Mother Earth, the cosmos, of history and of all existing forms of life.
2 Language translation is done according to each region.

The Regional Committee for the promotion of community health founded ASECSA in 1978. ASECSA is a non-governmental and a non-for profit association, which organizes and put together a net of 58-community health organizations (partner programs). Among all these partners can be found: community clinics, hospitals, health promoters associations; midwives; community cooperatives; indigenous healers, pastoral dioceses and health therapists.

ASECSA work has an impact, especially in the ladino and in the rural-indigenous population with little chance of access to health services. Its model and place of work turns around the community, where the partner programs are presented as key stakeholder in the work of ASECSA since they are represented by community health promoters, midwives and traditional therapeutics, which defend their interest and rights to increase the promotion and prevention of the health care in order to improve people lives and communities. All the actions aim to pursue and achieve the vision of walking step by step towards the ¨Good Living¨ (El Buen Vivir) as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2013-2016

  • Solidaridad y honestidad (Solidarity and honesty)
  • Armonía y mística (Harmony and mystic)
  • Lucha social y compromiso (Social fight and compromise)
  • Unidad y respeto (unity and respect)
  • Derechos y justicia social (rights and social justice)

Oficina central y región centro
6ta. Calle 4-70 zona1, Quinta los Aposentos I,
Chimaltenango Guatemala, CA.
Telefax: (502) 7839-1332, 7839-5997
Apartado postal No. 27

Correos electrónicos:

comunicacionasecsa @gmail.com


Especificación de Nuestra Base Organizaica a Nivel Nacional



6ta. Calle de las Margaritas 3-122 Zona 1, Quintas Los Aposentos I, Chimaltenango. Guatemala C.A. PBX: (502) 7790-5454 Telefax: 78391332 asecsa2@yahoo.com